Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Links of Note

Headline Fiesta! Mucho Calór!

Andrea Dworkin On Transgender

This Patriarchal Town

Pondering the compassionate release story…

Cult web series tops iTunes chart

stuff white people do: miss "their" america

Reaction: Part 2

Black Female Athlete Dominates Competition-Gets Gender Identity Questioned

Peltier Denied Parole

Sure, there’s nothing creepy about Twilight

On Health Care

Germaine Greer Paints a Portrait of Transphobic Feminism

One woman takes on King Coal. And wins.

Let me fix that for you, E. Jean

Defense Attorneys Want Victim to Act Out Alleged Rape in Court

I’ve been collecting information about u.s. led genocide for years now–and I’ve been particularly obsessed with the massacre at My Lai. My Lai has been on my radar since I was a tiny little kid, actually.

Oh, one more thing
Sure, A Woman Shouldn’t Be Raped For Wearing a Short Skirt, But If I Leave My Door Unlocked, It’s Only Reasonable To Expect I Will Be Robbed

In Minneapolis, hundreds sit-in to stop an eviction

Remembering Hurricane Katrina

What’s Accessible To You?

Of Tea Parties and Patriots

We demand an explanation!

Hate Crime Survivors Victimized Again by Racist Immigration System


It’s Not About Me

the right of return

Fighting Back


the divine survivors clinic

Eudy Simelane: Corrective Rape, Corrective Death

Shotgun Adoption

Tennessee’s Infant Mortality Rate and the Lie of “Pro-Life”