Friday, May 14, 2010

Barney Frank, ENDA, and Bathrooms (AGAIN)

Via The Sexist:
"* Barney Frank says he supports transgender protections in ENDA, so why the fuck is he talking like this?:

“There’s no chance of doing it without it,” he said of the transgender protections.

Frank said he’s told wavering Democrats that “the principle is the same. It’s discrimination.”

He said concessions were made in the drafting of the language to address moderates’ concerns. For instance, Frank said, transgender people with “one set of genitals” would not be able to go to a bathroom for people with another set of genitals.

And, Frank said, they also would have to have a “consistent gender presentation” in order to be able to sue for discrimination.

“They can’t sit there with a full beard and a dress,” Frank said."
Can I say I'm really surprised? No. Frank has shown over and over that he's ok making "compromises" to get legislation passed and those "compromises" have rather often meant throwing trans people under the bus. Looks like we're in for another round this year.

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