Saturday, January 29, 2011

American History: The Brown Berets and the Word "Chicano"

(via nezuavampisol and intifada on Tumblr):
…At the same time, East LA was at the heart of the Chicano rights movement in the 1960s. El Movimiento began in the 1940s, when “chicano” was still considered derogatory. By the 1960s, chicanismo was embraced as a symbol of ethnic pride and chicano rock, literature, theatre and art flourished in East LA and other Mexican communities. In 1966, a group of East LA high school students formed the Young Citizens for Community Action. In 1967, they founded East LA’s Piranya Coffee House and changed their name to the Brown Berets. In 1969, they began distributing their own newspaper, La Causa. That same year, Wayne Alaniz Healy, David Rivas Botello, Jose Luis Gonzalez and Juan Gonzalez started the first Chicano art studio, the still extant Goez Art Studio.