Friday, March 04, 2011

Rally Against Gang Injunction TODAY March 4 in Oakland

From the Facebook Event page:
In addition to listening to organizers of all ages from all over Oakland, including Angela Davis, speak out against gang injunctions, there will be theater and performances (Including Boots Riley from The Coup) at the rally. Free Childcare will be provided*

OUR STRUGGLES ARE LINKED: fighting against the injunctions throughout the state of California is directly linked to fighting for affordable housing, more jobs, better education, free, relevant and empowering programs for youth and formerly incarcerated people, and free health care. As money and resources are squeezed out of the basic services our communities need for survival, health, and sustainability, money continues to be funneled into institutions of social control, like policing and imprisonment. As part of this trend, gang injunctions specifically have been used throughout the United States since the late 1980's as a major suppression tactic by police forces (over 30 injunctions were enacted in Los Angeles County alone from 1993-2000). Gang injunctions have been enacted in Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose, and Orange County.

Fighting injunctions is a local, statewide and national issue.

How You Can Support:

* If you/your organization is located outside of Oakland, please come to town and/or holler at us for support in getting here.
* Announce these events at any upcoming meetings and invite members of your organizations in person, by email, text, facebook and every other means possible.
* If you work with young people or in schools, you can help expand our Day of Education on Wed March 2nd by talking about the injunctions with your students/participants (Contact us for more information).

By working together we can stop the spread of gang injunctions in our