Sunday, November 23, 2008

Doctor Assaulted Suicidal Transgender Patient

Can I get a wtf?

A Melbourne Doctor has been found guilty of performing an indecent act upon a suicidal transgender patient only a day before International Transgender Day of Remembrance.

In June 2007, 53-year-old Sulieman Hamid was accused of touching a suicidal transgender woman in a Sunshine Hospital. Hamid was also accused of raping the woman back at her home the following day. Earlier in the trial the court heard that the woman propositioned Hamid, whilst he was treating her for a slashed wrist. The patient has a long history of suicidal tendencies and is also suffering a borderline personality disorder.

The victim told of how she remembered propositioning Hamid but also said she was not thinking straight and wanted to leave the hospital so she could “run in front of a bus.” Hamid told her he was not able to have sex as he was working according to the victim. “He started to touch my neck, my breasts, my lips (with) his fingers,” she told the court.

She was released from the hospital and returned home to sleep but was awoken by a phone call from Hamid asking if she was alone. She let the doctor come over hoping to get drugs from him. Once he arrived he began touching her. He was also accused of digitally raping her. At one point she testified that the doctor left the house to purchase condoms before returning to rape her.

Who fucking does that??

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  1. I love the last quote:

    “He would almost certainly never practice again”

    "Almost certainly"??? Not only did the guy not get a custodial sentence for something which should have been called rape instead of 'assault', but he's not certain to be struck off???

    It's a complete and utter farce.

  2. A response to that story after yours on the site you discovered it was to the effect that she prolly just wanted attention and grabbed it.

    Yesh, the way we desire "attention" so badly that we occasionally sip a drink that someone's placed ruffies or another sedative into so we can have sex with him and then pretend like it never happened.

    I agree with Emily. It's bad enough that he doesn't get a custodial remand. That he loses his job is "almost certaintly" scarificed is absolutely insane!

    Taking advantage of a patient known to be volatile and experiencing suicidal ideation and BPD is heinous. Now why would anyone imagine it wasn't already a certainty that he will spend time in jail as well as losing his practice?


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