Saturday, November 08, 2008

Protecting the Life of Barack Obama

Sent: Friday, October 31, 2008 8:23 AM
Subject: Protecting the Life of Barack Obama

To Our Pagan Community,

We have been made aware that a clear and present danger hangs over the head of Sen. Barack Obama. Unfortunately, we still live a country where many are taught to hate and fear others based on nothing more than the hue of their skin. Our community mobilizes all the time to send healing and protection to others, and we hope you will join us in a multi-faith magickal effort to keep Barack Obama--and his family--safe from harm as he transitions into the role of our President.

This is not a campaign to tell you who to vote for. This is about protecting the life of another human being. We live in a society which has been taught to solve its problems with violence and murder. The gravity of this issue was brought to our attention by a Christian man who will be praying to his God, in his way, along with us. We request that the Pagan community, and others who care about life, join us in rituals, spells, and prayers of protection during three separate 24 hour periods:

1) Election night. Sen. Obama will be exposed to danger as he accepts his Presidential role. The majority of assassination attempts worldwide have occurred within thirty minutes of completing a public speech.

2) Yule/Midwinter. For those of us who are Pagan, we know that this is a time of new beginnings, a perfect time to add protection to the man who will be in the White House within the following month. (Our non-Pagan friends may wish to work together at Christmas, Kwanzaa, or Twelfth Night.)

3) Inauguration Day (January 20). Sen. Obama will take the oath of office on the portico of the Capitol Building in front of as many as 250,000+ people. He will then take a car or will walk down Pennsylvania Avenue in his own inaugural parade to the White House. There he and his family will sit outdoors and watch the rest of the parade.

Please use all your networking resources to pass along this request to as many Pagans and Pagan organizations as you can. After that, the momentum will build on its own. Leave no one out! Do not leave out Christians, Jews, or others who may wish to join this effort, assisting us by connecting with the face of the creator they worship. This is not a political issue, it is a value-of-a-single-human-life issue. If the racism situation were reversed, many of us would offer the same lifesaving energy to Sen. McCain.

And, when all this is complete, maybe we should start sending love and healing to those people living in blind hatred who created a need for this sort of mobilization in the first place. With love to all and harm to none,

Oberon Zell-Ravenheart, author and artist
Headmaster, Grey School of Wizardry
Primate, Church of All Worlds

Edain McCoy, author, teacher,
student and Concerned Citizen


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