Tuesday, March 09, 2010

"Free Native Extraction Service"

Commenter here (and blogger in her own right) Cecelia pointed out this story, in the comments on my post at the racist events that have happened recently at UCSD.

The advertisement headlined “Free Native Extraction Service” was placed on the UsedWinnipeg.com website. The website is managed by Victoria-based company called Black Press. They operate a network of websites (47 in total) under the UsedEverywhere.com brand.
Referring to Native youth, it began: “Have you ever had the experience of getting home to find those pesky little buggers hanging outside your home, in the back alley or on the corner???” It goes on to offer “free extraction services to relocate them to their habitat,” and continues with other offensive remarks.
“We condemn this as a hate crime, and will join with others to see the perpetrators are brought to justice,” said Rector. “This ad could intimidate and incite violence against indigenous youth in North America, and we are joining with Manitoba Chiefs to call for an end to hate crimes such as these. We must all stand together to protect our youth.”
Link here

This is "post racial American" folks.