Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Thinking Out loud About a School Project...

I'm working with two other women in my Senior Seminar class on a class facilitation on the topic of "online communities/blogs" and we can basically do whatever we want.

So I've been sitting here a few hours looking through posts I could use to build at least a portion of the presentation focusing on the feminist blogosphere and the way it replicates all the same problems that feminism has always been a part of and that it is not a utopia, etc. (Was thinking about talking about the Amanda Marcotte fiasco, either around that immigration article she wrote in 2008 or shortly after what happened with her book).

But you know I kind of don't feel all that good about it?

And so I thought to myself that perhaps it would be better just to focus the whole presentation on the gaming community (which is the other subject we decided to dedicate part of the class time to), maybe on interesting stuff about the construction/performance of gender like what is in this article:

But you know I kind of don't feel all that good about that either?  About just giving up on what I wanted to do?

I mean... we're in a feminist department and our topic is "internet communities and blogs" and I really think that their is some interesting stuff that goes on in the feminist/womanist blogosphere that relates directly to work we're going to be doing soon as "feminists" (in quotes cuz I don't know that we all identify that way) going out into the world, that I don't see being talked about in academia that much, and I don't know that I want focus on the negative (maybe it's too easy? maybe it's just already been done? I dunno)... instead wouldn't it be nice to focus on the positive and the creative for a change?

But you know, like, I threw a topic like that out there (radical love) (something I'd only come across online although on some research it looks like it goes back to bell hooks?) and no one bit and I don't think should just find a way to bully my way into getting to talk about it anyway.

So, I dunno, I just feel kind of stumped.  Which is why I'm writing, to try and think through what I might do...  And if any of you out there have any ideas, I'd love to hear them.

One thing I've been thinking about is maybe talking about Arwyn's essay "Dancing Through the Tables" as her analysis is another thing I've never run into in academic feminist circles? Or maybe Harriet's "Another Post About Rape," because I think it deals with what happens in the non-academic world with policy really well? And also I think that probably a lot of us will go into some kind of public service and way too many of us don't grapple, I think, with the fact that we might just not be able to stand some of the individuals we work with and we need to ask ourselves if we're capable of helping every one who might cross our paths.  So yeah... that's the best I got so far.  There's just so much to choose from. o.O