Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Chronicles of New Bath Stuff Part 2

So since last updated I have received everything I ordered!  Still on it's way is something I WON off of Facebook, no joke (I saw a friend sign up for this giveaway so I decided to as well and won, how rare! it's for rather expensive facial serum and eye cream which I added a body butter to).

Everything has been going just fine with the exception of today when I woke up I had some flakiness along the front of my hair.  This is where 1) that white clay soap met my hair line a bit and 2) where I directly poured the vinegar rinse last time.  I think one or both of these is to blame, but looking up the info about vinegar rinse, it's supposed to HELP flakiness, though it's possible I'm over using it?  I think more likely is the white clay soap, because my forehead seemed really dry too.  Along my cheeks and throat the soap seems great but I think my forehead gets more dry than anything else so I should keep it away from there.

Anyway, in an effort to see if I can get rid of the flakes I washed my hair again today and then will leave it alone for three days I think.  Today I didn't use any of my bars or shampoos either, but opted for something I discovered in my research: baking soda as shampoo.  I made a paste of it and worked it into my hair, giving myself a good scalp massage.  (If the flakes are from the buildup of the Pantene I used to use coming up or something, this should help a lot.)  Then I rinsed thoroughly and put in my good hair mask which I got while still working at BBW (Bath and Body Works) and use every once in a while, rinsed thoroughly again and put in the vinegar rinse (this time with rosemary and thyme essential oil and I didn't put it on slowly but poured the whole thing in my hair in one go and on a different spot than before, further back on my head).  Hair's still quite damp now but on first glance it looks pretty good, with still a tiny bit of irritation at the front-most part of my hair line but seemingly less than before.

In other news, the husband really loves his shampoo bar, which he thinks has been helping HIS flaky scalp, which is much worse than mine.  And I'm undecided on the liquid shampoo and conditioner we got but the body wash is -wonderful-.  It makes me wonder if I should use his shampoo bar instead, but I don't think that's what's causing the flakes...  More time is necessary to decide.

On the body front this lotion bar I got is magic.  I have super dry skin that's hard to make smooth (always lots of little bumps), especially my arms, but this stuff does it and it's way less greasy than say, the 100% shea butter I used to sometimes use.  Also all the soaps I got I more or less really like (skin's favorite is this one), they all smell really nice and don't dry out my skin much.  The husband really likes them too, especially the orange/cinnamon/clove one (the third one we got is this one which is maybe a little better than the orange/clove one in how much my skin likes it, and smells great so all well worth using).  He has also tried to steal the new lip balm more than once, which I can understand cuz it's really good.

The herbal salve I got (see last post) is officially amazing.  I'm using it on the blister my three mile walk last week gave me, as well as on I guess what are two corns that were on one of my big toes and it's helping both a LOT.  Been using the eczema salve on a rough patch of skin by one of my ankles; ALSO helpful.  So, just overall I've been pretty impressed with everything we got.  So if anyone stays over, you have good stuff to try in our shower, lol!

Part 3 will be able the face stuff and whipped body butter that hasn't come yet as well as a hair update.