Monday, August 09, 2010

Google-Verizon Pact Works Against a Free and Open Internet

August 9, 2010
4:41 PM
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Google-Verizon Pact Worse than Feared

WASHINGTON - August 9 - In response to Google and Verizon's "policy framework" unveiled today, MoveOn.Org Civic Action, Credo Action, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, and Free Press, all members of the Coalition, issued the following joint statement:
"The Google-Verizon pact isn't just as bad as we feared - it's much worse. They are attacking the Internet while claiming to preserve it. Google users won't be fooled.
"They are promising Net Neutrality only for a certain part of the Internet, one that they'll likely stop investing in. But they are also paving the way for a new 'Internet' via fiber and wireless phones where Net Neutrality will not apply and corporations can pick and choose which sites people can easily view on their phones or any other Internet device using these networks.
"It would open the door to outright blocking of applications, just as Comcast did with BitTorrent, or the blocking of content, just as Verizon did with text messages from NARAL Pro-choice America. It would divide the information superhighway, creating new private fast lanes for the big players while leaving the little guy stranded on a winding dirt road.
"Worse still, this pact would turn the Federal Communications Commission into a toothless watchdog, left fruitlessly chasing complaints and unable to make rules of its own.
"This is not real Net Neutrality. And this pact would harm the millions of Americans who have pleaded with our leaders in Washington to defend the free and open Internet. President Obama, Congress and the FCC should reject this deal, restore the authority of the agency that's supposed to protect Internet users, and safeguard Net Neutrality once and for all."
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A free and open internet is incredibly important for bloggers like me and SO MANY other voices that just would not be prioritized by some "tiered" system. I really can't stress this enough, we've got to fight this y'all, there are way too many spaces already which privilege corporations over actual people; especially marginalized people!  As many class issues as there are with access to the internet, it is, as best I can figure, our last real refuge for the free exchange of information for everyone in this country and that needs to be protected.