Monday, August 25, 2008

Kyle Payne: The Conclusion

Have fun in county you fucking asshole.

Quoting repeatedly from Payne’s most recent blog post and pointing to what he described as a “narcissistic” tendencies, Buena Vista County Attorney Dave Patton requested the court sentence Payne to prison.

“[His blog post] indicates that he believes this is not all about the victim,” Patton said. “He believes it is all about him.”

No shit.

And this is rather amusing:
Several feminist bloggers have written about the case because Payne had been so public with not only his feminist leanings, but his advocacy on behalf of victims of rape and sexual assault.

Really? "Several"? *rolls eyes*

h/t to Cara


  1. I think that he should have had to register as a sex offender. What he did is going to stay with his victim for life and therefore it should stay with the abusing narcissistic asshole. I read that he cried and to me he got off easy. Were I the judge I would have given him something to really cry about...sick fuck that he is.

  2. I agree he should have had to register.


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