Saturday, August 09, 2008

WTF Loreal?

Because your not pretty enough if you're even a little bit darker skinned.

Good to know, I guess!



  1. Amazing, how deeply ingrained in our society marketing has become ... at the same time, there's something to be said for the gullibility of people who can't see past the marketing schemes, along for the mercenary psychologists and sociologists who labor to show ad agencies even more pervasive ways to infiltrate the human mind.

  2. Loreal has been amazingly offensive lately, like they aren't even pretending to try to be good. This is of course disgusting and I wish people would stop touting Beyonce as some kind of great role model.

    I recently saw a Loreal commercial with Andie McDowell (white) for some anti-winkle do dad. Her lines are something like "Drop a dress size? I wish! But I can do something about these wrinkles!" And I just thought "WTH! Everybody knows that Andie is like a size 2 or 4... she doesn't need to drop a dress size, shouldn't be wishing to drop a dress size, and what does that say to most women who aren't that tiny?" Nevermind my personal issue with so-called skin miracles and our distaste for the natural changes of life and age (I mean, they're all AGEIST commercials, to be sure)...


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