Sunday, October 26, 2008

The homeless are our own refugees

David Mulroney
Sunday, October 19, 2008

Homeless people are pitching tents in our parks. Why this is happening? On Oct. 15, as most Canadians were waking up to the results of the federal election, far too many homeless Canadians were waking up on our streets, in alleyways, under bridges and in our parks.

Probably a few did not wake up at all.

The election results might have overshadowed the results of a three-year battle fought by lawyers Irene Faulkner and Catherine Boies Parker on behalf of a handful of Victoria homeless people. They have obtained a ruling that might do more to protect homeless people than anyone can imagine.

By allowing temporary shelters in our parks, this case will create a highly visible barometer of the level of poverty, dislocation and despair in our cities.

No longer will these problems be hidden under bridges and in back alleys. The ability of the police to roust these people from public view and confiscate their goods will be restrained.

The case is complex, and some will not like it, but it is worth understanding

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