Thursday, August 06, 2009

Be a Part of the American Idiot Musical Set!

Here's your chance to be part of American Idiot. Set designer Christine Jones, part of the extraordinary team of artists working to turn a seminal Green Day album into a raging piece of rock 'n' roll theater, is sending out a call to musicians and fans to be - literally - part of her set.

Christine would like you to send in artwork that has been generated for your own bands -for concert posters or album covers - which would then be used to paper the walls of the warehouse-like set. She is also interested in handwritten song lists and handwritten pages of songs in the process of being written. Photocopies are acceptable. Send your submissions by Aug. 25 to: Berkeley Repertory Theatre Scenic Studios, Attention Lisa Lazar, Scenic Artist, 2526 Wood St., Oakland CA 94607.

Once the articles you send become part of the set, obviously, they cannot be returned, but they will be part of history as American Idiot makes its world premiere at Berkeley Rep Sep 4-Oct 11.

I'm thinking about maybe doing some poetry and sending it in. Whenever I write poetry I always think about it as a song anyway.