Saturday, August 15, 2009

Andy, Weeds and the Attraction of Flawed Men

Been catching up with Weeds.
Is it weird that I think Andy is awesome and hot?
There's something about flawed men I like. Men who have to grow on you, who are vulgar or brash or too sarcastic or immature but as you get to know them they reveal sincerely good qualities... There's something real about that to me.

Guys who seem perfect right off the bat...all that's left to learn is their flaws. They always seem "too perfect" and I end up feeling like I'm performing someone else's life instead of living my own when I'm with them. And often I find out they're actually jerks. So when I see those guys in TV or movies or books, I instantly distrust and dislike them. It's just so fake.

I've noticed this about the type of guy I'm attracted to more and more, and it goes way way back to adolescence (Han Solo, baby).
Lately, at times it has bothered me, because it seems like that type of guy is valorized and touted as this "the real man" type bullshit in social discourse..."the bad boy" or whatever, type. But it's not as simple as that archetype for me, because there are many "bad boy" types I can't stand.

I haven't sussed it all out yet, but I think I hit on something tonight with the: you're either discovering flaws or discovering admirable traits, thing... And that I prefer to discover goodness.

Anyway, going back to Weeds, these seasons keep getting darker and darker it seems like. Interesting the way it has taken us through different levels of the drug trade, I like that. Though I was sad to see Conrad and Heylia go, as I liked both of them a lot.

And yah, notably to me, Andy's grown on me. Now I just wish Nancy would give him a chance (but clearly that's not going to happen, and Alanis Morissette instead = awesome, I have to admit).