Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Last Week's Posts of Awesome

Another Post About Rape
If we teach women that there are only certain ways they may acceptably behave, we should not be surprised when they behave in those ways.

And we should not be surprised when they behave these ways during attempted or completed rapes.

Happy Birthday To Me.
Your eyes , your web clicks justify existance now, feed or don't feed people and are the difference between action and non action. Your email is being trolled, and peopel are having four figure lunches in " liberal" circles to send you blasts on how to be better.

thinking about “organizing”
And it makes me so incredibly fucking horribly sad that in ‘normal organizing’ you have to fight so hard to get the time to be accountable to yourself–that you literally have to forget the needs of others so that you can take care of your own.

The Problem with Politeness

Court frees 20 convicted in Mexican massacre

A Tragic Story of Continual Violence against Women of Color: Anyisah’s Mother’s Story, Angeline

stuff white people do: pat themselves on the back for having black friends

Whole Foods comes out against health care reform, calls it "socialism"

It's About Community, Too
It's not a secret: by products from industry disproportionately affect poc communities. To many, the poisoning of Anniston is old news, but the lessons of it's history bear repeating. For years decades, Monsanto poisoned the area around Anniston. Lawrence King talks about Monsanto and the primarily Black community of Anniston, Alabama.

In short, there is a reason that talking about love leads to ridicule and marginalization in this culture, and the reason is patriarchy.

the assault on the black middle class

How nationalism overrides and hides violence against women

Pondering the Senator McCaskill Hillsboro town hall…

Remember Aafia Siddiqui?

My Name Is Herta and I Am About To Be Deported

First The Burka and Now The Burkini, C’est Viva La Difference dans France

Teh Stupid Comes in Threes

Discussion: Is the New LIAR Cover Not Enough?

Trans Women In Male Prisons: Cruel and Unusual Punishment

Trans Woman Sues Over Photo Request
A Pennsylvania transgender woman has filed suit against her former employer, who she said requested a photograph of her genitalia as a condition of continued employment.

When sex workers aren’t white and beautiful

Disabled Character: Able-Bodied (Emaciated) Actresses Only, Please

The people and their cultures: POC and the movies

The Latest for Afghan Women

Topless Coffee Shop Burned To Ground

More Flight Anxiety For Transpeople As New TSA Rules Implemented

The American Way or What’s Really Going To Destroy America…

Anti-Sex Worker Bigotry Makes Its Way Into Rape Trial

Costco and The Lil’ Monkey Doll

The End of the Beginning of the Dunbar Village Trial

Walmart: Justice Clarence Thomas Welcome But Homeless Must Go

"Can poor POC be gentrifiers if they are activists"? Reflections on & confusion around that question

pregnancy, money, health insurance, and social justice