Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bite Me ACOG

Washington, DC -- The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) reiterates its long-standing opposition to home births.
Childbirth decisions should not be dictated or influenced by what's fashionable, trendy, or the latest cause célèbre.
It should be emphasized that studies comparing the safety and outcome of births in hospitals with those occurring in other settings in the US are limited and have not been scientifically rigorous.
Choosing to deliver a baby at home, however, is to place the process of giving birth over the goal of having a healthy baby.

So basically, you stupid women are deciding how to give birth based on what's trendy! And even though we haven't studied this with any real scientific rigor, we feel completely justified in saying so. You'd rather have a trendy birth than a healthy baby! How dare you!

Fuck you ACOG. Fuck you.

You wonder why more and more women are turning away from you and towards a system of thinking that at least believes we base our decisions on more than what's TRENDY. Don't be bitter about it, just wise up.


  1. I love your new "About Me" section. Sometimes, I wish you and I could meet face-to-face, because we have such different worldviews yet enjoy learning from each other.

    In terms of home births, my mother told me that if I ever chose to have kids, I would probably be better off in a hospital in case of an emergency. Yet, I hear having a midwife help you deliver in a birthing center can be a wonderful experience, too. I don't know yet... I don't want kids for at least ten more years. :-)

  2. I'd love to meet you Mer! And I'm glad you like the changes. :D

    I know for me, a hospital birth has little to no appeal. But then, I have issues with Western medicine in general. I think their perspective is all wrong for something like giving birth, and to be honest, I just don't trust them in certain areas, this being one. If for some reason I was high risk, I would go the birthing center route, with a midwife. And possibly a doula as well, just to be safe. I definitely, under no circumstances, would set foot inside a hospital without at least a doula advocating for me.

  3. I'm curious: what is a doula? I kind of would like to have a hospital birth because I can't handle pain at all -- and I would like drugs to help ease the pain. If I can get pain relievers at a home birthing center, then I'd be all for it!

  4. A doula is many things, but during labor she is there to be your advocate. And this is possibly her most important function, to me. She is someone who has helped you during your pregnancy and talked extensively with you. She knows what your wishes are in regards to how you give birth and she is there basically to yell at the doctors if they start disregarding your wishes, as well as act as support for you before, during, and after labor.

    Wikipedia puts it this way: A doula is an experienced, non-medical assistant who provides physical, emotional and informed choice support in prenatal care, during childbirth and during the postpartum period. A birth doula is a continuous care provider for labor in many settings, also assisting the parturient woman during transport from home to hospital or birth center. A postpartum doula may begin care in the home (nutritious cooking for the mother, breastfeeding support, newborn care assistance, maternal-child bonding support, errands, light housekeeping) the next day after the birth, providing services through the first six weeks postpartum. In some cases, doula care can last several months or even to a year post partum - especially in cases when mothers are suffering from post partum depression, children with special needs require longer care, or there are multiple infants.

    More: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doula

  5. Thank you for posting about this. Fuck them indeed. Though I went the hospital route for both my kids (OB/GYN first time, midwife second), I highly encourage women to check out all the options. I am now training to be a doula and childbirth educator and hope to educate women about their rights regarding pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, etc.

    Hospitals are for sick people, not for giving birth.

  6. someone should tell the countless women throughout history giving birth to healthy babies in homes and wherever that they are doing it wrong.

    i guess the nice amish family i grew up next to was just ahead of the trendy times!

    wev, dude...

    great post!

    i second the yay for your "about me" section...and think we could have great convo too!


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