Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Women's Shelter Gets Creative

Via Figleaf

One of the confidential Seattle-area women's shelters, the Catherine Booth House is moving to a larger location so they won't have to turn away so many battered spouses and children.

It's not particularly good news that a shelter has to expand, but they're doing something I hadn't heard of to help coordinate donations: they've setup a "bridal" registry with a major retailer. If you're interested in helping out the shelter, which seems to operate under the Salvation Army umbrella in case that matters, you can do so here.

It's actually a pretty cool use of web services since it lets them specify exactly what they're looking for instead of trusting to luck (where "luck" with donations for a lot of relief agencies, means clothes, blankets, and food in cans.)

I think that's a pretty innovative idea. There's also things with many different price ranges (as on any good registry!) so I'm sure many of us can help. Once I find out how much money I'm spending to get my car to shift gears again (!) I plan to buy something too.

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