Tuesday, February 05, 2008

So today's Super Tuesday...

And I'm rather excited to see how things go.

So far, so interesting, it's definitely a real competition folks. I'm happy for both candidates that they are inspiring people to get out there and throw their lot in with them. That's an accomplishment in our rather disillusioned culture.

That said, I threw my lot in with Obama. He suckered me in with the Kennedy thing. Young, charismatic, inspiring, different. Every time I heard the criticisms of him, JFK kept coming to my mind. "Too young" "too inexperienced." These are all things that were leveled at Kennedy in his own race.

And that turned out for the best I think.

So, Obama gets my vote. It is a hopeful vote, an inspired vote. I can only hope that this formula will work again.

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  1. This is mike. I am torn whether or not to vote for Obama. He is a democrat, by definition a very embarrassing party. However, he might give blacks the inspiration they need to be more than the violent parasites they currently are right now if hes elected. Hm.


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