Friday, March 14, 2008


All I can say is "wow" to the bravery of these folks. My heart is with them.

As bulldozers and chainsaws cut into the forest and hill of Rath Lugh - one of a number of ancient tombs and holy wells in peril due to the road work in the Tara-Skryne Valley - protesters have announced that they have dug tunnels under the proposed roadway, and are willing to risk their lives in defense of the land.

For months now our brave pixies have been digging in secret, carrying out buckets of earth under cover of night. They have stocked the tunnels with food and supplies, and are digging in for at least a three month stay.

The soil around Rath Lugh is loose stone and esker. If the road crew attempt to drive their heavy machinery over the land, the tunnels will collapse. One of the women, interviewed in the video below, explains that if the gardaí attempt to enter the tunnel, she will lock herself to the jack holding up the roof. If they then attempt to pull her out, the tunnel will most likely collapse on them all. The question is, will those who are pushing this illegal roadway through, despite the protection orders and 80 percent public disapproval in Ireland alone, have the guts to refuse to harm these human shields, or are they going to have more Rachel Corries on their heads?

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  1. What I find most chilling, is the reference to RC. How many people know about her, and who really cares?

    When I think of the abuse of native people, and of sacred lands I keep coming back to "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy". Where our planet was swept away for the sake of an off ramp. Douglas Adams was able to make his point in a couple of books.

    Rachel Corrie made her point at the cost of her life.

    Why can't people get this?

    Bright blessings



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