Sunday, March 02, 2008


I am worn the fuck out from arguing that yes, we do live in a rape culture and here's why. No, women are not to blame for being raped. Yes, we are taught to be scared of men, and taught that if we are raped we must have done something to provoke it. Yes our society is sexist and racist and homophobic. No, your experience of what it is to live in this world is NOT a universal experience... Yes, our justice system is completely fucking broken.

Sometimes I don't understand how it is that I live in the same world as some of these people...Even at my worst, not realizing how I fit into this picture and not recognizing my privilege, I knew there was more to it than I was living. How are people satisfied living unexamined, unquestioned existences?? I've got ideas for real posts in my head, but I'm just fucking exhausted.

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  1. So, me being the masochist I am, I just haaaaaad to login to to look at the thread.

    Holy fuck. I would probably have jumped off a bridge by now were I still posting there. I'm sorry I can't help fight the good fight in that particular sphere anymore, for fear of becoming a homicidal maniac, but I admire you so, so, so, so much.


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