Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sex Positive Feminism

For the record, I often see from Rad Fem anti-Sex Positive types that we "Sex pozzes" are a man's wet dream. And while I see why they would think such a thing, I can tell y'all from personal, every fucking day experience that us Sex Pozzes piss men off just as much as anti-porn Rad Fems.


  1. What I don't like is this sort of "man's wet dream" "fun" "popular feminism". I mean, right - I've had a few submissions from men, a couple of which commented on my open-to-men policy. How is that a bad thing? Teh menz can be stupid boys sometimes, and sometimes they can be fucking rancid twats who should be killed. But so can women. I don't see the value in excluding them. And I certainly don't fucking see the problem in making feminism accessible to all.
    Just because CERTAIN SOMEONES coughdebscough are so damn self-congratulatory, thinking they're mint cos everyone else is shit.
    Boils my piss quite frankly.

  2. The "popular feminism" makes me laugh because of the reactions I get from, mostly men, when I talk outside Blogland.

  3. Another thing - we're men's wet dreams? Cos we're all slags, innit. I think by the way they go on, a certain someone and her friends are actually 14 year old boys.

  4. I have been dubbed the "Frat Boy Feminist"...

    I got a whole post on this crap brewing myself...I mean, society just loves us too and all, but more on the whole attitude of "those young hipster feminists who just (say) they love the sex selling out the movement"...

    I cannot promise it will be civil and not laced with profanity...

  5. Have to agree with you... there are some men who will be pissed off by a woman with a mind, no matter where she stands in terms of feminism. And given that fact, why the hell are some women so ready to criticize those of us who want to be ourselves, do our own thing, and enjoy what we've worked for? Shouldn't they be trying to work together for all women, instead of being so divisive and ready to label?

  6. Ha!

    Thinking of myself as a hipster is really very amusing.

    And Ren darling, no one reads your blog hoping for civility and lack of profanity. ;)

    Marianne, that's just it. I run into guys everyday who dislike me just as much as Rad Fems. We think, we blame them for things, we ask that they actually WORK on stuff, even if they're "not such bad guys"...they can't stand all of us. I mean yah, some like me a little bit more because I don't want to take away ALL their porn...but so far, they've been few and far between.

    And in the end, yes, aren't we supposed to be working for the good of all of us? And aren't WE OURSELVES the best to decide what that means FOR US?

  7. Mm. I'm 34, built sort of Venus of Willendorfy (albeit currently with limbs), generally dress somewhere between "Berkeley therapist" and "schlub in loungewear/making the minimal possible concessios to corporate-ish/whatever demands while still trying to avoid pinchy clothing." I was your classic bookworm/nerd in high school, still am in many ways. Got called "bitch" by nasty little boys (and girls too, ayep) who didn't like that I didn't smile and knew the answers in class. Oh yeah: and I'm queer. But yes, absotively, I am all about sexing up and pleasing the menz, and they, me. *giggle* *tee hee* *simper* *poot*

    I mean, what -else- could -possibly- be motivating me?

  8. and yeah, it's always sort of amusing to step off these little hothousey online enclaves and get called, like, "fat dyke" and "feminazi" by the usual sorts of mouth-breathers. almost downright refreshing it is, sometimes.

    "oh, baby, say that AGAIN..."

  9. Amen to that!

    Getting called a femnazi just makes my thighs quiver, to know I'm so loved!

  10. I think the whole problem with that statment is "feminists being a man's wet dream."

    It's like y'know men who go to feminist rallies to pick up women.

    They just don't get it ...


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