Sunday, September 07, 2008

Links of Interest

Besides the normal linked stories in the widget to the right from my Reader, I bring you especially noted stories.

What the New Orleans Women's Health and Justice Initiative (affiliated with Incite!) did with my money. Yay!

A new blog by a 23 year old about to have an abortion, I watch with sincere interest.

EU Parliament says sexism in advertising must stop.

Hollywood's 5 Saddest Attempts at Feminism from Cracked. Ok, I get Amidala and Elizabeth Swan, but Eowyn and River Tam? Wtf?

And Italy approves fingerprinting of Roma
A commission spokesman told journalists on Thursday (4 September) that the practice proposed by Italian authorities earlier this year is only aimed at identifying persons “who cannot be identified in any other way” and excludes the collection of “data relating to ethnic origin or the religion of people.”

The centre-right government of Silvio Berlusconi sparked protests from human rights organisations and several in the European Parliament after announcing its plan to fingerprint Roma people - including children - as part of a census of Roma camps.


  1. You know who wrote that cracked article, right?

    I think she makes some interesting points about Eowyn and River Tam. She might reach a bit, but in the end there is a fundamental truth about them.

  2. Didn't even look at the name. Wow, that's funny!

    I think she makes points about River but they're totally ignoring other aspects of the series (like for one, River isn't the "feminist" character on the show, Kaylee and Zoe are) but she's totally off base with Eowyn, I mean seriously, she went to war for Aragorn? Where the fuck did she come up with that?


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