Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Post-Patriarchy

So Just a Girl from Don't Ask Me... and I were hanging out in the chat room a couple nights ago now and she asked a question I found very intriguing.

It was something along the lines of, we (feminists) are all working towards this goal, breaking down Patriarchy, but what do we think the post-Patriarchy is going to look like?

So, I'm throwing this out there to the masses of the feminist blogosphere.

In the post-Patriarchy....?


  1. Gosh, I thought I would have a ready-made reply, but it's been several minutes, and I'm still sitting here thinking of what to say...

    The problem is that there are so many different versions of feminism, and therefore so many ways in which to answer that question. I will say this, though: in the post-patriarchy, I will not be deemed less valuable as a person because I enjoy sex and (gasp!) may have it again before marriage. Men won't think I'm weird because I have (and I really do) have a high sex drive.

  2. Men, their rights and nothing more, Women, their rights and nothing less.

    The undisputed right to have full agency over my body, on my terms, and no need to explain why that matters.

    This is not in any way inclusive, but good fucking question!

  3. i think anything along these lines - breaking down any part of our culture as ingrained as patriarchy - is a full-on cultural revolution, and i don't really believe that you can go into a transition that enormous with a specific end in mind. the only way a transition like this is going to happen at all is in a long-term, broad-based, organic process, which means that it is minimally controllable.

    that is, i don't have a vision, and i don't mind =)

  4. I think that in a post-patriarchy, everyone will be aware of their own privilege, how that privilege came about, and how that privilege affects others. And this isn't just gender privilege, but race privilege, cis privilege, able-privilege, beauty privilege, etc.

  5. In your post patriarchy there's a boss? There isn't in mine...

  6. My view depends on whether it's an end to the Western world's patriarchy, or an end to world patriarchy. But let's just go with world patriarchy while we're at it...I'd say the population spike would have settled down due to increased information about and use of contraceptives; naturally-lower abortion rates for the same reason (but of course the existence of abortion facilities, and the choice to use them); beautiful, comfortable, not-hyper-sexualized clothing for all; comedians who tell jokes about stuff that's funny, instead of about rape, disability, etc.....

    Damn, I could go on and on.

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