Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Protests at the Acropolis

From CNN
h/t to my fellow kinky hippie pagan political activist Radical Vixen

“Defying police presence and a thunderous downpour, dozens of Greek pagans huddled near the Parthenon in Athens on Sunday, holding a protest prayer for a museum being built at the foot of the sacred site.

The ceremony, attended by scores of curious onlookers, was performed amid the ruins of the 2,500-year-old Parthenon. The ancient Greek religion was outlawed by the Roman empire in the fourth century.


” The Greek Culture Ministry forbids ceremonies of any sort at archeological sites. But in January, the pagan revivalists used a second century temple of Zeus in Athens to stage the first known ceremony of its kind in 1,600 years.

Four other ceremonies have been held in unfenced sites. On Sunday, the tiny band of pagans managed to enter the Acropolis’ heavily guarded grounds, paying an entrance fee as tourists and later convincing site guards of their innocuous cause.

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  1. I agree w/ Vixen, it is really great to see this being covered by someone mainstream. I know all about being Pagan in the Midwest...or anywhere in the US (except Ann Arbor).

    I have a few beefs w/ the Greek government, but I have to admit that this coverage was good (except what she pointed out, obs.)


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