Saturday, September 20, 2008

More Good Stuff, and Good News!

Bitch is saved people. YAY! In a scant three days we rescued an incredibly important Feminist voice in the print world. I'm happy to say the least. :D

And there's been some great reading since I spoke with you last. Have a sample:

John McCain is WHITE, Talk About that Rep. Westmoreland!

White Privilege, White Entitlement and the 2008 Election

Mi Familia. Mi Orgullo. Nuestro Historia.

Serving the Goddess
The dangerous life of a sacred sex worker.

14th Carnival of Sexual Freedom and Autonomy at Susie Bright's

50 Arrested as ADAPT Takes Affordable, Accessible Housing Crisis to Congress

How Am I to Learn? Entering New Spaces and Unpacking Privilege

Capitalism = Human Nature

Grenades During El Grito

CFP Feminism, Disability, and Bioethics

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