Thursday, May 28, 2009

Once a Week Links of Awesome

The High Cost of Poverty
This won’t surprise people who have ever been poor, but poor people pay more for things that middle-class people take for granted.

whatsername says: yah this is definitely noticeable in my neighborhood. Husband and I manage to save money only because my family was middle class enough to get my a car when I was 18, so we can drive to places like Costco etc. to save money.

DYP goes hardddd
everyday people brush us off ’cause we talk a little differently, think a little differently, move a little differently or because we are from group homes, in the foster care system, etc. they just don’t know. i love how creative you are. give you thirty minutes, markers, poster paper, and you come up with hot shit like this

Support diverse midwifery education!

Creativity and Living Abroad

Invite to 2nd NYC Anti-Displacement Encuentro

After all that…nothing?

labor time, clock time, & story time, part III

Joe The Plumber: Men Kissing Throws Me Off
whatsername says: I really hate to give this douchebag attention, but Renee's post on his comments are too good to pass by.

Native News Stories

Unfortunately, the Numbers Don’t Lie

'Comedian' Jay Mohr Disses The First Lady

White People Like to Discover Things
Because point blank if it wasn't NECESSARY , you wouldn't be in love with our communities or in our neighborhoods, because when you weren't your barely pretended they existed.

What can White Women do?

Nude Photos of Rihanna and Prejean Which One Is The Slut?

Oh my God, was your high school boyfriend onto something?

Weekly Immigration Wire: Women Central to Immigration Story

stuff white people do: use clichés that trivialize mass oppression

State of Arizona Commits Negligent Homicide Against Sex Worker

whatsername says: I had no idea about this history of discrimination at Denny's
Damn Denny's And 'Errbody' Else, Let My People Pee

The Woman In The Zoot Suit: Gender, Nationalism, and the Cultural Politics of Memory

Tyra Asks: Is Gay the New Black?

whatsername says: this movie is about Hypatia, and if you know who she is, you know why I'm interested, if you don't, you should look her up!
Post-Cannes Reaction to “Agora”

what is butch?