Sunday, May 24, 2009

So I Went and Saw Star Trek

(ON IMAX suckers!)

And then I read Black Amazon's post and got really annoyed by the idiocy of some fellow sci-fi folks. I haven't looked into what's going on with that in depth yet, but I read the links BA's put in her post, and it seems that some people are having trouble with Uhura and Spock's relationship. Apparently such a relationship makes her a "whore"? (As an LJ commenter pointed out, if her being in a monogamous relationship makes her a whore, what exactly the fuck is James T. Kirk?)

Others apparently annoyed that she didn't get a big enough part, or was relegated to "just a girlfriend". Now, at least here I can see some justification. But let's remember folks, this is an INTRO movie. The only characters who got any REAL development were Kirk, Spock and Bones and even they got very little. This is to be expected. That said, yes, I was left wanting more Uhura, and specifically Uhura that didn't relate to her relationship with Spock, I would like to see more of her as an individual in the next movie (you know, like Uhura was SUPPOSED TO BE in the series).

But the relationship doesn't diminish her. I can't say much here that hasn't already been said at BA's and at the lj link she included. Call me silly, but brainy girls are just as awesome to me as ass kicking girls. And clearly she was not just the top of her class but rather a genius. That's a good set up for character development if you ask me. BUT LET'S HAVE SOME OF THAT PLEASE NEXT TIME.

I will tell you something that annoyed me though... Why was Harold from Harold and Kumar in this movie as Sulu? Don't get me wrong, his part was cool enough I suppose. John Cho is a fine actor and all that. But. He's Korean. Sulu is Japanese. Why does Hollywood still think Asian actors just all look alike? I mean, for serious? He doesn't look remotely like George Takai (unlike the UNCANNY resemblance between Quinto and Nimoy and no it was not just the ears) or sound remotely like George Takai. I mean, just, that just kept annoying me. Zachary Quinto really couldn't call up Masi Oka? I mean, hello, he IS Japanese, also he looks a LOT more like young George, he's awesome, and oh yah HE PLAYED GEORGE TAKAI'S SON already, which would have made a hilarious cross-franchise tie-in (one I would have especially appreciated since BOTH Takai and Nichols have been on Heroes).

(And let me be perfectly clear here, in the hierarchy of irritants, the fact that the actor doesn't look like the original actor is my chief annoyance, after that it's like, wait, so they didn't get someone who looked like him OR someone who was even of the same ethnicity?  Were they even trying or do they just think all Asians look alike so we won't even notice that this guy doesn't look like Takei?)

I shall also complain about excessive slow motion action blow up sequences. About 3/4 of the way through I was starting to get bored with them. I just DIDN'T CARE. I was way more interested in the interpersonal stuff going on with these new actors and this new version of the crew. Yes JJ you can shoot a pretty action sequence, congratulations, WE KNOW. So yah a bit less of that would not be amiss.

But lest you get the wrong idea, I really liked the movie overall. I enjoy the new franchise.

But there is one more thing, to anyone who's seen it... When Spock and Kirk are fighting on the bridge and Spock's got him pinned down with his hand on Kirk's throat and he's just choking and glaring, did anyone else have the inescapable feeling Sylar-Spock was totally about the cut the top of his head off?

Cuz I did, and I started laughing hysterically while poking my husband and making that finger motion and laughing some more.

Thus ends the review.