Monday, October 08, 2007

The Intersection For Some of Religion and Sex

I was reading a new and interesting blog from a Phone Sex Operator. The entry that caught my eye was entitled The Sex Crazed Pagan Fantasy. It was incredibly interesting, so I continued on to see what other posts she'd made about the interactions with her work and her religion. This led me to the two posts I want to comment on. Sacred Pussy, Controlled Womb and Monotone Man. Both of these posts deal with a caller who has very strong, negative reactions to different aspects of her religion and/or sexuality which I have run into in conversation with strong Christians myself.

My musings on the topic led me to writing this response to her:
To be honest, I think Monotone Man and the guy who berated you for being pro-choice have the same hang up. They’re incredibly attracted to you because you “sin” and you’re ok with it. Not just ok with it, but thrive on it, are comfortable with it, get true guiltless enjoyment out of it.

I think you represent freedom to them.

On some level though, at some point, they have to fight back against that, for, well, so many reasons. Hence the one guy’s abortion tirade. Hence this one abruptly changing the subject.

Just a theory, but something I’ve noticed myself. It seems like the guys who for some reason feel there is to be guilt involved in anything besides a very narrow view of sexuality are the most drawn to and turned on by those of us who don’t feel that guilt at all.

It’s sort of romantic. But sad, to me.

I have found myself playing this part myself at times. There's something incredibly fun about flirting with a "good man" and his "sin." But in those instances for me, it has left me feeling so sad for them, that they will only know the freedom I have through me, and only for a fleeting moment.

That, and some disgust, because inevitably some of them then will talk horribly of you, or look down at you with disgust if you do lead them to actually "sin." And what's worse is that this latter one is not always a religious type. So they are not so easy to spot.

Ahhh the complexities of human sexuality...

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