Sunday, December 09, 2007

"The high cost of cheap sex"

As women go, so goes society. Men do whatever is necessary to have frequent and convenient access to sex. If women require marriage, men marry. Masculine-style sexual freedom practiced by females dooms marriage, faithful husbanding, and responsible fathering as institutions.

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There is just so much going on on this blog to talk about that I think I could have a good months' worth of posts just analyzing it all. I chose this one simply because it was short, and I'm exhausted.

Now, first, I must give the man who writes this blog some credit. The first post I read was on a technorati browse through "feminism" topics. After my response on it, he emailed me to talk further, and we actually did have a conversation. I don't think this guy is your typical "Men's News Daily" MRA type, therefore, I will continue to hope that he can be reasoned with...

That said.

As women go, so goes society.

Oh man, I'm getting flash backs to my first women's studies class... It truly baffles me that women are given credit for so much. Where is men's role in society? Don't they contribute to where it "goes"?? But what's more interesting to me, is that women are given credit, but what they do to "save" society is to act exactly as the patriarchy would have them act. So, really, it's not "as women go..." it's "as women obey what we tell them."

Men do whatever is necessary to have frequent and convenient access to sex.

"Whatever is necessary"? Really? I mean, certainly some men are extremely occupied by fulfilling their sexual needs. But aren't women as well? And what about all the men who will not do "whatever is necessary"? I've known quite a few of those... But either way, an interesting sentence - perhaps telling? - to follow the "as woman goes..." quote.

If women require marriage, men marry.

So basically, men marry women to have sex.

That ascertain disturbs me on a few levels. One, that men are really believed by other men to be truly this shallow. And two, that this is really what marriage means to men? A convenient way to get regular sex? Then why on earth are we keeping this institution around, really??

OK here's the big one;
Masculine-style sexual freedom practiced by females dooms marriage, faithful husbanding, and responsible fathering as institutions.

With the exception of responsible fathering, my question is, so?

The basic premise here seems to be that marriage is an artificial institution created by women to, I guess, keep a man? He explains the role for men, "they do it because women ask them to, to get sex." But what purpose is marriage serving for women then??

You see, marriage is a very important topic for me. And I see marriage as a formal agreement you enter into to adopt each other's families and to publicly recognize your commitment to each other, as well as providing an important framework for the law to negotiate with in the case of your demise or incapacitation or something. I like the idea of people choosing to commit to each other. I like the idea of having a party to celebrate that. I know what I'm getting out of my marriage, but seriously, what exactly would I be getting out of this type of marriage? A man who is with me because I am obedient and will give him sex regularly? I can't even begin to express my disgust at such a prospect.

And as for faithful husbanding... Honestly, monogamy is over rated. I think it is created out of a combination of the human desire to own, and society's desire to bind in our "dangerous" desires and easily establish paternity. But in our modern world, if the restraints of monogamy have become unnecessary, why do we cling to it? Doesn't it make more sense for us to re-examine it and decide for ourselves whether to be monogamous or not? As with marriage, why are we not thinking about what these things mean to ourselves as individuals, instead of trying to cram everything into the box provided for us by society??

Now, as for responsible fathering... All I can really say is, I think it is unbelievably insulting to suggest that men are responsible fathers because of the binding strictures of marriage. Personally, I believe most men want to be responsible fathers because they love their children! And because they realize how important being a good parent is. I simply cannot see men as a group as being so low as to only be good fathers because of marriage and monogamy. I will not sell men that short.

I am pondering making this into a series... I take his posts and debunk them... Might be interesting. See part II


  1. "A convenient way to get regular sex" - honestly, that's the highest appeal I see to marriage, though I can get that with a long-term relationship too. Anyway, just thought I'd chime in, as a female. :P

  2. But would you marry simply to get it?


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