Monday, December 31, 2007

Something awesome

OK so allow me to be giddy and fan-girl for a moment...

I heard this song on the radio two nights ago and was like, huh, is this a new Arctic Monkeys song? Sounds sort of like them...


It's a new GREEN DAY song, but not!

Apparently, Pinhead Gunpowder and The Network (and doesn't Mike Dirnt have another side project of his own too??) weren't enough for these guys... So they have formed Foxboro Hot Tubs.

The song I heard that night was "Mother Mary," I think I would have recognized Billie Joe if it would have been one of these other songs. But seriously, how cool?! Three songs are available for listening on the Myspace page. If you go to their main webpage there is just a ticking clock. HOWEVER, I looked up their wikipedia and you can still download their six songs if you go directly to this link. Bwahahaha!

I will anxiously await the secret Network, Foxboro, Green Day show that will someday appear, I'm certain. I am starting to also wonder if there isn't a type of rock music they WON'T tackle...

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