Saturday, January 26, 2008

Community Building

For the record readers, community building work only happens when you actually allow discussion.

And I will never delete a comment unless it is openly disparaging or offensive to my readers, commenters, or myself. This means random comments like "you're a bitch."

Beyond that, people of any persuasion, within feminism or without, are welcome to express their views here, even if you already know I will disagree with you.

That is because I, unlike others, believe there is growth to be had in discussion with differing viewpoints. And that you can do so without violating safe space, while I do not claim my blog to be safe space, elements of it are kept in mind on my part.

Further, and most importantly, I will never allow someone's work to be discussed without giving them the chance to participate in that discussion. And I hope others will pay me that courtesy as well.

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