Wednesday, January 09, 2008


More in my criticism series. Where we learn that;

Women need affection, men don’t, and so men are weak at providing it. Men need respect, women don’t, and so women are weak at providing it.

What complete and utter bullshit. PEOPLE need BOTH of these things.


  1. Jesus, where did you find this? Did you read the 'Escaping Loneliness' post? De.Press.Ing.

  2. Google blog search turned this gem up when I searched for "feminism" a while ago.

  3. my what a huge stinking load of crap that is. I hate people who claim to know the Universal Truth and Experience....when there is NO SUCH THING...

    People are hard for various reasons, and being hard, or liking respect, or affection, or whatever else has nothing to do with ones sexual organs.

  4. holy crap! i hate stupid bullshit theories...err...whatever this is...


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