Sunday, January 27, 2008

Round up

Yah, 8 days straight of work is fun... And it's not over yet. As a result I have stories piled up that I wanted to share with you all, and plenty more to sort through, plus that post/review regarding Superbad that I really want to get to. So, I think it's time for another edition of "What whatsername has found interesting lately, or thinks you should know."

Changing Attitudes in Christian Clergy from the Wild Hunt
So while it may be easy to get wrapped up in the latest intolerant actions of certain Christian believers, with some of us concocting doomsday scenarios of a new "burning times", there is a very good chance that their actions represent the death-throes of certain approach to religious outsiders. The next generation of Christian leaders may surprise us by not only being literate and aware concerning modern Paganism, but by being increasingly willing to engage Pagans with mutual respect in ecumenical settings.

Gods, I can only hope! Perhaps the Age of Aquarius really is upon us?

Mt. Rainier community considers becoming a sanctuary for immigrants
Nezua says;
Because in my estimation it is either empathy and human dignity and rights for ALL....or it's selective.

Amen brother. Mt. Rainier is semi-local to me, and after a similar recent action in San Francisco, I am starting to be encouraged for our immigrant sisters/brothers situation this country.

From Feministing: Meet EMERJ
At EMERJ we are organizing for a strong and vibrant reproductive justice movement that ensures that all people have the economic, social and political power and resources to make healthy decisions about our gender, bodies, and sexuality for ourselves, our families and our communities. We represent diverse communities and a broad set of strategies.

Nice. To learn more.

From Women's Space: The Padlocked Vagina Fistula Rapes
I don't suggest reading this if you're eating or just ate. Or if you're already incredibly depressed, and it may be triggering. That said, while I felt absolutely nauseous when I was done, I am glad I know about this issue. And I'd like to know just why the fuck it's not being covered in the mainstream media, and just why the fuck the "culture of life" assholes we have running the country aren't up in arms about this.

Via Ren, BA and BFP
LGBT youth of color are pushed out of our homes, schools, and safe spaces every day as access to vital resources and opportunities decreases. FIERCE has been opposing the private development on Pier 40 [the pier next to Christopher Street] that will further displace LGBT youth, especially youth of color, from the West Village. It is simple: development can and should meet the needs of poor people, not corporations. Now is the time to take action to SAVE THE VILLAGE and put LGBT Youth Before Profit.

It really says it all for me...

To end on an up note, I have two items of awesomeness. One is this bag. The other is magic. Ok, not really magic. But almost. Meet the vibrator that knows what you like. Or at least learns when taught. WTF? Yes! It's true! How unbelievably cool is that?

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