Tuesday, April 22, 2008

2nd Sex Positive Carnival!

Up at my beloved Meg's Labyrinth Walk we have The Second Feminist Carnival of Sexual Freedom and Autonomy.

Next time the party is here! I will be considering topics and prompts in the coming week. Right now my mind is still very wrapped up in the X/BFP...THING, what it means to be an ally, what it means to divest oneself of privilege and dealing with the myriad issues therein. We'll see, maybe this processing will itself lead me to a prompt.

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  1. aww, you're makin' me blush :)


    re your comment...and yes, apparently i'm just full of mystery or something. it's always perplexed me...people i went to school with for 9 years come up to me now and they're like, "wow! you're so different than i thought you were!" even someone who's been a really close friend for the last few years (through my buddhist groups & such), like a brother, was surprised by a few things after he started reading my blog and it opened up a lot more communication between us. i've always made a point of being pretty open about who i am and what i do - after i reverted to islam, i actually also stopped remaining anonymous on bdsm sites and suchlike. i'll pretty much answer any questions. so it still surprises me when people are like, "i never knew that about you!" LOL.


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