Monday, April 07, 2008

Free Tibet

I will make this short and sweet, bottom line talk!

China sucks.

Fuck them.

Free Tibet!

The Parisians had fun today, San Francisco's turn tomorrow (but we got started early).


  1. Erm, I have to keep my mouth shut on this topic for academia/political/if I ever want to get a PhD reasons, so I'll just say Word and if anyone wants to allow me to expose my bottled up rage in this area I'm available by email and come with a handy dandy soapbox.

  2. If only China was a middle east oil producing nation, then maybe we could do something about this

  3. I read a book about the Tibetan Warriors in the 1950's when the shit hit the fan. It was a tough read because of the tragic subject matter. I bet you if the same thing happened to a Catholic Pope China would be crushed instantly.
    The Dalai Lama is freakin' awesome yet the U.S. does nothing. I guess there is no profit in Peace.


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