Friday, April 25, 2008

Um, yah... No?


I had Marcotte's book on my eventual to read list, just cuz I figured knowing more is better than knowing less.

But after this? Oh no. It's off the list. I'm not giving her one red cent of mine.


  1. i'm right there with you.

    i'm sad because i know well-meaning and fairly intelligent women who work for and love seal press. unfortunately for seal press, my only experience with them has been negative because my first real knowledge of them was through all this idiotic crap they've been pulling, so the likelihood of me, well, EVER getting over their lack of common sense and ability to function as a human, thinking, or at least professionally politically correct publisher is really, really small.

  2. Yah I haven't written off Seal Press entirely, cuz they still do have some books I want to read, and even a fucked up feminist publisher is better than none at all?

    But, um, fuck this shit.


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