Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Blackamazon Speaks

And she does it HERE


I quit.

I’m done. My blog will go live again when I’m compiling stuff for my time to apply to gradschool but I am done for now.

I want to say that this is permaent or that this is just a small break but no , this isteh beginning of a death knell.

You know what every body feel good about themselves ?

I think the point where I went fuck it , is when a law student, a couple writers, and a professor basically endorsed a book and MISSED in reading something they were ATTACHING their names to .

Racist comics, about MY PEOPLE. Yeah MY PEOPLE, being KILLED and destroyed to save a white man and give a white woman the “courage” she so desperately desires .

And people fell over themselves to excuse them . Cause they’re learning

You know what , fuck off.

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Fuckin' hell.

Two of my favorite WoC writers, gone from the blogosphere for who knows how long. And Jill from Feministe taking a break too. I'm on the look out for a couple new blogs, if any of you have one you especially love not already on my blog roll. Speaking of which, the blogroll isn't going to change. They may link to empty pages but... for now I think that speaks to something in of itself, and I want that to stay.

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