Friday, April 11, 2008

Amanda, BFP and Hugo

So today on my Google Reader reading I see: "If it's stealing you'd better prove it".

And I go "....................................."

Since BFP's server is down or something at the moment. I can't go look at this post.

But, I have to tell you, Hugo's post here, it smacks of everything privilege has to offer. And it makes me incredibly uncomfortable.


  1. Ha, we wish bfp's server was down. She's nuked her blog, I'm afraid. Hey, but don't worry - we still have Amanda. >:(

  2. Yeah, just popped on Amanda's site - we have Friday Random Ten. bfp's? Blank white page.
    She left a post which is now gone with the rest of it. It's too awful. Blackamazon
    was the first one to blog about it, I think.

  3. Just wanted to say: enjoyed your succinct comment on Hugo's blog. :)


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