Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Weekly Round Up of Links Too Important Just For My Widget

Not surprisingly I'm sure there were a lot of posts this week on Gaza and Israel, I want to highlight a few of them:

"You're an Anti-Semite!"
On Gaza
Ways to Help Gaza
The Land of Milk and Honey
I Fear For the Future of Judaism Today
For Immediate Updates on Gaza

In other news:
On BDSM, "Two Ways of Coping"

Petition to defer any bill on prostitution until after the next general election

Sex Slavery

Mary and Jesus in Afghanistan

The Evil Behind the Smiles

Indifference Has Robbed Generations of Our History

I AM SEAN BELL, black boys speak from Stacey Muhammad on Vimeo.
"I am Sean Bell" a Mother's Lament

Creating complicity: Racism From Generation to Generation. I think Renee is right on in her analysis here, it's not that there is one such incident at that in the video of the little girl (see story) but that through many such incidents in a child's life that complicity with kyriarchy is created.

Why Some Black GLBT Peeps Hate the "Q" Word was an illuminating post from Monica at Transgriot this week. I've only starting coming to use of "queer" since starting school and seeing it's use there and I can understand the appeal of it, but her criticisms of it also make sense and are something I will have to give more thought to.

"There is Only One America"

The continuing battle against putting former waste water as snow on sacred site

Benefits awarded to beaten Hooters waitress

Environmental disaster in Tennessee

Supporting the DREAM Act

Sheriff Arpaio is On Conan Tonight. Um, W T F? This is our "face of law enforcement"??