Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Weekly Round Up Comes Again

It's been an interesting week! Take a look at posts that had me thinking...

TransGriot - Your Pink Sheets Are Showing

Federal Tax Dollars Are Going to CLOWNS
h/t to the Curvature

Tammy Oler writes for Bitch Magazine: Black Widow: A Superheroine Who Won't Get Screwed Over On Screen?. I made a comment on the article, calling for a letter or email writing campaign to ask for what we as feminist women really want out of this character and why. I swear to gods if they write her as just some rival love interest ala James Bond I will scream.

Want to read one of the funnier articles I've read in a while? FSM’s Third Annual ‘America’s Most Dangerous College Courses’. Lord, have mercy. :P
h/t to the Lizard Queen

The Angry Black Woman takes on Cultural Appropriation in Science Fiction, the introductory post to a new series!

Check out the Weekly Immigration Wire!

More on Gaza from the last week:
The Crisis in Gaza and Feminism
The Gaza Ceasefire and the Hereafter
Razor Wire Dharma

Feministe writes about a Nurse who "Accidentally" Pulled Out Her Patients IUDs

Rethinking Walking Part 1, An Introduction

If Only That Black Friend Were Real

Reverand Gene Robinson's Prayer, mysteriously cut out of the pre-inauguration show when it went to air.

A "Prostitution Free-Zone" For the Inauguration

A thought provoking guest post at Womanist Musings "I Gave Birth to a White Man"

The Wild Hunt on: Inauguration Day

SCOT Peps Funding Withdrawn

When Punishment is Cruel and Unusual, on Trans people in the prison system.

How to be a Gori Girl, Shada Meye, Memsahib, or Farangi in India, another thought provoking guest post at Womanist Musings, on what it means to be a white woman working in India.

When Hyper Masculinity Supports Racism

That's it for this week!