Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Weekly Round Up of Links Too Important Just For My Widget

Natural Cesarean

Gaza Update

The Price of Fey-m

Obama wants to resolve Puerto Rico's colonial status while saying nothing on Gaza

Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos' Speech on Gaza

Oscar Grant wasn't the only one who died on New Years Day
h/t to this commenter for bringing this to light for me.

Blue Cross vs. Tufts Medical Center

The Other Half of Choice

Grow Up Already

The Gainesvilles fight

Mentally ill man Tasered to death by NYPD officer

Keith Ellison booed by Palestinian Protesters

bfp Tells her kids about Gaza

Don't Let Him Get Away With It

CA man puts daughter up for sale???

A terrible idea indeed

14th Carnival of Sexual Freedom and Autonomy!!


also via Womanist Musings...
Everyone Deserves a Roof
About EDAR
EDAR (Everyone Deserves A Roof) is a 501(c)(3) charity that provides unique mobile shelters to those living on the streets all around us. Each EDAR is a four-wheeled mobile unit which carries belongings and facilitates recycling during the day and which unfolds into a special, framed tent-like sleeping enclosure with a bed at night.

While respecting permanent and temporary housing for the homeless in group settings which use buildings to provide shelter, EDAR addresses the unrepresented hundreds of thousands of homeless people amongst us for whom no beds are available or who are unable or unwilling to participate in those solutions.

Immigration Prosecutions Drain Resources

Pondering Justice for Oscar Grant...

And on that note, I'll simply add that the protest and march today appears to be going very well at this point. They marched by the house earlier and it looked noisy and peaceful. Cops are diverting cars from my street to let them march unimpeded. So far, so good.