Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Citizen's Briefing Book and the Freedom of Choice Act

So earlier today I got an email message from the Obama team to tell me about a new feature on It's called The Citizen's Briefing Book and lets us put up our issues, vote on those put up by others, and comment on them. Naturally one of the first areas I looked at was "Health Care" and was surprised not to find the Freedom of Choice Act in a high position. So I searched for it. Guess what I found?

So I'm putting a call out to all those feminists out there who I've seen discuss the importance of this act. Spread the word, go vote it up, and make your voices heard, so far, the pro-life, anti-choice folks are ruling the day.

And I've now seen that we only have until SUNDAY at 6PM to make our voices heard!!