Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Astrobarry's Forecast for the Year

It's that time again! Now for my favourite astrologer...

Without a doubt, over the coming year, you will confront the need to integrate two seemingly incompatible calls to action, thanks to this Saturn-Uranus opposition. You must hold responsibly tight at one end of the spectrum, to secure an enduring grasp on that which legitimately requires it (Saturn), while simultaneously rattling and rocking at the other end, to breathe revolutionary new life into the stale sector that desperately needs it (Uranus). Maddening to distinguish which is which, and how much of each? Hell, yes.

The vexing question—how to balance it all?!?—remains in effect a while longer. The Saturn-Uranus opposition continues into 2010… shifting signs (Virgo/Pisces to Libra/Aries), moving into double squares with Pluto in Capricorn, and only further intensifying these macro-dilemmas by bringing in this third Pluto issue to consider and integrate: whichever zone of life is due for deep psychological purging and transfiguring.

Your year is not all comprised of dicey balancing acts and trial-by-fire tests, however. As of today (Mon Jan 5), big-man-on-campus Jupiter will be in the heady, humanistic sign of Aquarius… eventually leading into a heart-opening, idealism-inspiring conjunction between Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron, within 5-degree orb by April and lasting through December. In the midst of both personal and collective transformation, coming at an increasingly vigorous pace and with increasingly extensive reach, you'll also welcome unparalleled opportunities to connect with your companions and comrades. Somehow, we all ended up sharing life at this especially climactic moment in history together. We're all in this same boat.

Jupiter in Aquarius (which you'll hear more about quite soon) widens our view of how each node in the network, cog in the machine, or individual within the group necessarily impacts each other… helping us to think more holistically (if not a bit less selfishly) about ways we can unite our efforts for a greater collective benefit. Joined with Neptune, Jupiter will heighten our idealism, bestowing bounteous amounts of blissful togetherness upon those who act for the good of all.

Chiron's presence, meanwhile, just reminds us that, within this idealistic worldview, it is perfectly okay—encouraged, even—to reclaim and proudly showcase those parts of ourselves we consider most damaged, flawed or fucked-up. That's the big joke: We're all fucked up. The less we resist that fact, the more willingly we flaunt our fuck-ups … and you'd be surprised how beautiful these so-called 'flaws' often appear through other people's eyes.

Jupiter and Neptune in union are a faith-fostering, dream-inspiring duo whose visions of a compassionate utopia provide a potent counteragent to the ongoing difficulties portended by Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. Thank goodness for them, right? At times throughout '09, you might even temporarily forget just how monumental (and, yes, monumentally trying) this period of history really is.

You could become happily swept up in a wave of optimism, making it easy to neglect the many delicate details you're charged with attending to, even as the backdrop of rational reality rapidly morphs before your very eyes. You could be distracted by short-sighted headlines that scream, 'It's not really as bad as we thought it was!' as if to lull you back into zombiefied consumption.

And the worst of potential Jupiter-Neptune delusions? At the peak of your open-hearted compassionateness, you could mistakenly assume others are on the same page you are… that they are as open-hearted and compassionate as you, and actually care about their impact on your life… that altruism is ultimately a universal human drive, instinctively spurring the haves to lend support to the have-nots, out of heartfelt concern.

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