Wednesday, March 04, 2009

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If You're Poor In New Mexico, It's Cheese Sandwiches For You

Did Kathryn Johnston Really Get Justice?

An apology from the folks who brought you the post last week on Digital Colonialism.
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Some Thoughts on Tokenism
One Question

Rethinking Walking: Fears, Fucking, Fun

Sure Let’s Honour A Homophobe and An Admitted Ablest : Epic Oscars Fail

Back To the Slums for Slumdog Millionaire Kids

Womanist Lessons: Resisting Lenten Sacrifice

If You’re Homeless Your Possessions Are Garbage

Beauty, Consumerism and Environmentalism

New Legislation Would Expand Domestic Violence Laws to Include Pets

Holy Shit!

Rethinking Afghanistan

Gays And Lesbians Know The Meaning Of The Word Attack

Something Wicked This Way Comes

More on Colombia

Pentagon allows coverage of war coffins

Clint Eastwood Things Raced-based Jokes Are Funny

Parents complain about disabled TV show host

Bobby Jindal does it again. Blatant disregard for the state he supposedly “governs”

Mexican Citizenry Rise up to Protest Army’s Violence

Homebirth Underground?

Continuity of Care Undervalued

It Ain't Activists Causing Problems In Your WWBT Lives, It's Our Enemies

Toilet Paper Use Puts Trees in Trouble

Turkish Transwoman Running For Public Office

Do Poor Whites Even Exist?

NYPD accused of raping intoxicated woman

On the Question of Womanhood

White Guilt

Girl/boy and Unpacking Gender

Red State Special

Sustainable Linking
Bloggers and bookstores are often kindred spirits, but many bloggers link to the Amazon page for books they discuss in their posts. IndieBound recently added a book-linking feature that provides a user-friendly alternative: bloggers can link to book information and cover art on IndieBound, and users who follow the link and want to purchase the book can enter their zip code to find it at a local store.

Nicole Kidman To Play Transwoman Lili Elbe

Black Women Get Beat By The Police Too

Who Gets To Say What (Part 1: Tokenism)

Dueling lawyers in California Prop. 8 case are a study in opposites

Indian Sex Workers Fight Penalization
After months of speculation and stress, sex workers rights advocates have reason to celebrate this International Sex Workers Rights Day.

Positive Transgender TV Commercial from Argentina.

Burned Stripper Update