Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth Day Spell

c/o Magic Happens Every Day

Well, I missed Earth Hour, but Earth Day is coming up next month, and that's just as good of a time to use this spell, so tuck it away till then!

You will need: one green candle
Sacred Well Earth Oil, or Love oil, or Protection Oil
(or your favorite earthy scent, like oakmoss or vetiver)
one small fluorite stone, or clear quartz crystal point

Step One: Turn off all lights and non-necessary electronics - it's Earth Hour, that's the whole idea! Light some candles to see by.

Step Two: Using a knife or a nail, carve the words "I love Mother Earth" or "Nature is our Mother" or "gratitude" or "conservation" or whatever inspires you.

Step Three: Bless your candle and your stone with your Earth oil. If you like, bless yourself as well!

Step Four: Light your green candle.

Step Five: Charge your stone in the light of the candle by repeating "What we do to the Earth, we do to ourselves. I live in balance with the Earth." 3 times or more. Picture the stone "broadcasting" the message of mindfulness to everyone in your community and to our world leaders.

Put your candle in a safe place, and let it burn down. Carry your stone with you, or keep it on your altar. This spell is also great for Earth Day, April 22. Why not do it twice?
(For more info on Earth Day see: