Monday, March 09, 2009

Astrological Update! Venus in retrograde

How comfortably can our existing relationships contain our recently surging need to serve our own desires first?

This question cannot be answered through quiet contemplation. We often encounter desire in an instant, not having previously known this was what we wanted until presented with it. Even if we already do secretly possess awareness of a certain inner hunger, we can't reliably know how our other half will respond to our expressing and/or going after it.

How well we're able to pleasurably chase an impulse, without feeling boxed in or put upon by those we share our life with (or by our ideas about them), is necessarily an experiential lesson. We don't know until we test it out…until we courageously pursue that which, in a single split-second, suddenly sparks our 'feels so right!' instincts, not being too sure exactly where such an action will carry us but rather excited to discover what'll happen next.

In case you haven't noticed, we are presently in the midst of just such a lesson:

Will you comply with your intuitive impulses, ready to clutch any opportunity before giving it the chance to pass you by... though such acts may fundamentally impact an important relationship, when you aren't able or willing to defend your behavior ('it just feels so right!') and/or the other person isn't able or willing to understand it? (And will you later regret your hastiness?)

Or will you resist these self-centered yearnings ('…for what in the world could be worse than being seen as self-centered?') out of respect for somebody else, sacrificing what might prove to be a passing fancy (or, then again, might not) to preserve things just as they are? (And will you grow to resent this person, as you're left to wonder, into perpetuity, what might've been?)

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