Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This week's links

“Turning a person into a thing is almost always the first step in justifying violence against that person.”

A long forgotten and just recently resurfacing piece of LBGTQI2 history, The Compton's Cafeteria Riot.

The dangers of calling a young lass a slut and a whore day in, day out

Kansas Law Allows Anonymous Rape Kits for Those Who Don’t Immediately Report

On homelessness and protection of people vs property

I started something really inflammatory and nasty

Wise Women of the South West symposium scheduled

Venezuela Turns Women’s Affairs Ministry Into Full-Fledged Ministry

I Love You Phillip Morris: Cisgender White Male Images Dominate Media On LGBTQI Issues

On giving birth; Posterior Position. Incredible photos!

school loans and bankruptcy

Citigroup Uses Bailout Money to Lobby Against Workers Rights

Education And The Heterosexual Model.
Next week Tennessee will be voting on a bill introduced by State Sen DeWayne Bunch and Rep. Stacey Campfield. The bill will prohibit any instruction that mentions homosexuality in grades k-8. Bill SB1250/HB0821 will hinder education by presenting heterosexuality as the only legitimate form of social organization.

radical: garden: reflections
birth and rebirth are continual processes, they start with our mothers and continue throughout our lives. death is only the a very strong sign of rebirth beginning.

am I brave enough to be reborn again? are you?

“Turning a person into a thing is almost always the first step in justifying violence against that person.”

credit crisis explained

Filmed Attack on Peruvian Trans Prostitute

FDA Approves New Female Condom

ghost from my past

One in Three
That’s the number of Native American and Alaskan Native women who are like to be raped or otherwise sexually assaulted in their lifetime, according to Amnesty International.

Assessing ARIS
The most popular ledes from the newly available data is the ongoing erosion of denominational protestantism, the overall shrinkage of Christian adherence, and the growth of people claiming “no religion”.

From Feminist Childbirth Studies: eight websites I love.

"Corrective rape" increasing in South Africa

Industrial Childbirth
If you don't know much about giving birth in the Western world, or do but it is an important topic to you, or have a loved one who is planning to give birth, I cannot stress how important I think this article is to read. It's hard to read, especially when taken with some of the other stories in the comments, but it's so important.

Original Essay: The Not Rape Epidemic

I owe Renee's weekly round up of links for the next three.

If you liked my post on the straight/white washing of Milk, you'll want to read about:Lorraine Hansberry's Gay Politics

The Salad Police

Dead White People's Clothes

Get Your 101 On

Because When We’re Knee Deep In Blood, I’ll Enjoy Saying “I Told You So”

Obama's Debt to New Orleans

Why is it that when women of color fight with each other–we immediately go for the hatchets and freaking alien guns?

I read and re-read this post looking for an excerpt and it's all just too good, do read

Low-Cost Campus Birth Control Restored By Last Night’s Budget Bill

British police lose when it comes to taking sexual assault seriously

Arizona House passes abortion restrictions

Update from Cara on the asshole who locked up and sexually abused his daughter for 24 years: Speechless

no contest..
“No contest.” I said. Reluctantly. I should have said. “No, WAIT. That is NOT what I want at all. I would like to FIRE my lawyer and go to trial with a public defender.” Like the dramatic “I don’t” vow that comes at the chapel scene of many a Hollywood movie marriage. But I didn’t. I came upstairs still wanting to fight, but again my lawyer and the public defender available that day, urged me to take the deal. There is a chance that your case could be dropped, but you would be gambling, she said. I took the deal that I said I would never take.

Third Gendering
Men, women, and transgendered people. Male, female, and trans. I’m sure most of you recognize these phrases as they are used widely across the sex workers rights movement. I was at the December 17th march in D.C., and I heard them used there. I’ve also seen them in press releases and blogs, and even dear friends of mine have used them. This is a call for it to stop.

Bernard Monroe Survived Cancer Until Louisiana Police Shot Him Dead

Calgary Protesters Give Bush a Warm Welcome

Insurance for midwives
I want to make it clear to everyone reading my blog that I think it is a big mistake to attach insurance to our registration.

It’s Fitness First Fatty

Gao Zhisheng’s family arrives safely in New York…

we dont need another anti-racism 101

African Sex Workers Speak Up

The Morality of Drones
War, of course, is all about killing. And yet, as the sharp escalation in civilian casualties in Afghanistan has demonstrated, one doesn't want killing to become too easy. We bypass our innate moral emotions at our own peril.

Homebirth rally in NYC tomorrow
Julie is the wife of an SEIU employee who is 6 months pregnant and would like to have a homebirth with a midwife. Despite the fact that NY State has mandated that private insurance companies cover homebirth, SEIU’s insurance does not...Julie has appealed and tomorrow is her hearing.

Attend the rally (info in link) or sign the petition.

Dear Iowa
Lori Phanachone is a member of the National Honor Society, has a 3.9 grade point average and ranks seventh in the senior class of about 119 at Storm Lake High School.

But school officials have told her she is considered to be illiterate based on her refusal to satisfactorily complete the English Language Development Assessment, a test she says is demeaning and racist.

Let me echo BlackAmazon on this one, who the fuck gets all A's in English Lit who is fucking illiterate?? Give me a break.

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