Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Another Week, Another Round-up

Maricopa County Sheriffs Office: When The Truth Hurts

Oakland takes step toward medical marijuana tax

An Example of Everyday Racism

This Year at Passover
Susannah Heschel, a leading feminist scholar, is the woman responsible for popularizing the custom of an orange on the Seder plate. The story goes that during one of Susannah Heschel's lectures at a synagogue in Miami, an elderly rabbi stood up and said, "A woman belongs on the bimah like an orange belongs on the Seder plate."

Letter to the editor
It is likely Jenny is told that her caesarean was absolutely necessary otherwise her baby may have died. She almost certainly wasn't told that if she had of avoided the induction in the first place and allowed her body to start labour in its own time that she most likely would not have needed a caesarean section .

Foreclosure Hell
As bad as the foreclosure crisis is — it may be worse than we realize. That's because banks are apparently foreclosing on homes and then holding them off the market

educational privilege and humanity
what do we deserve? as human beings? as sentient beings in this universe? and why do we deserve them?

Clean Up Feminism, Then We'll Talk

Rape Is Not a Joke whatsername says: NOT about Seth Rogen's new movie.

Good News For Transgender Jews

Race Play

Orgasmic Birth

In tough economic times, transphobia will get Alberta out of debt

Water Wars, Coming Soon To A Continent Near You

Whole-Body Scans Pass First Airport Tests

Do Parents Matter?

disability identified through the “boundedness of pain”

Pious Neglect

Woman Speaks Out Against Abuses of Trans Prisoners in Idaho

Things I am not shocked by, #3890587230587439
“Kathy Ireland’s Shocking Weight Gain.”

information on mountain top removal

Observe and Report: It Gets Worse. Much Worse.

whatsername says: An update on a story I posted about last week, where a woman did all the right things and still didn't get her rape taken seriously in Chicago:
Definitely happier with my alma mater

Not Feeling The Term 'Passing'

More Squatters Are Calling Foreclosures Home

U.S. Food Safety No Longer Improving

Women's reproductive health clinic closes because of state budget crisis
whatsername says: the feminist health clinic I was planning to patronize for my annual...looks like I won't be.

Rash of Student Suicides Clouds ’Day of Silence’


Washington Adding Transgender People To Hate Crimes Law

Boycotting or Engaging? Strategies for Success
You know, I've been trying to write a particular post for a few days now. It's about how some members of the transgender community have been calling for a boycott of two popular feminist sites.

Activist Knitting
Calling all CODEPINK knitters! We are creating a beautiful, quilted cozy to cover the fence in front of the White House to honor Mother's Day. The message will be “We will not raise our children to kill another mother’s child”-inspired by Julia Ward Howe’s Mother’s Day Proclamation. We’ll be piecing it together from individual squares knitted by YOU as part of the 24 hour Mother’s Day vigil for Women who live in War Zones.