Wednesday, April 01, 2009

This Week?

Sex Educator for a Day: Babeland in Women’s Health Mag

The Ebony Experiment: Is It Racist?

Men Vs. Women
Here's another common question I get at my book talks:
"Is there a difference between the male and female brain when it comes to decision-making? Are women really more intuitive? Which sex is the better decider?"

OOOH The Mehnz Are Stooopid

New French sex worker union founded

Rape trees and immigrant women: the silent victims

Douchebag Decree: Larry Summers, Back in Action!

speaking of black/white fetishizing
I was made aware of the following book: Why black men love white women. First chapter= Soiled. Yes, you read that right. SOILED. Can you just imagine what, Or *who* might be considered “soiled”?

Quick Hit: The HPV vaccine for boys?

Learning about Druids in school

Sarah Gronert Is Not a Man

I Am Native - Photos

for little light
our refusal to be controlled means:

They live in a world that trembles daily, because we snake our faultlines through its foundations and each time we move more crumbles and falls over the yawning edge of the flattened sea.

and while i know this may sound odd but it is because our love is an act of war, that i refuse to call myself nonviolent.

The “R Word” What’s In A Word?
Raising awareness about intellectual disabilities is a great idea. But the execution of this campaign is very problematic for three major reasons:

1. eliminating the R-word does not erase ableism,

2. setting disability against race and sexual orientation denies the realities of oppression that these groups still experience, and

3. de-linking the R-word from underlying societal power structures means that the campaign is attempting to erase a word from our vocabulary without creating any real social change.

The End of "Results Not Typical"?
Updated guidelines on ad endorsements and testimonials under final review by the Federal Trade Commission—and widely expected to be adopted—would end marketers’ ability to talk up the extreme benefits of products while carrying disclaimers like “results not typical” or “individual results may vary.”

ZAPAGRINGO: Movements, Bearers of the New World:
How does it triumph, this world of values of use, this world that is feminist, communitarian, self-focused and self-directed, able to produce and reproduce life? We do not know. What we see is that it grows by expansion, extension, diffusion, contagion, radiation, resonance It does not grow alone, nor in a form symmetrical to capital and the State -- killing, destroying, imposing, digesting and directing. We cannot impose this other world because we would be negating it, but we may breathe life into it, acting as a ferment and yeast, in the belief that the movements and the other worlds are the only thing that can save us from the catastrophe that the upper classes are preparing.

Red Nation Celebration: American Holocaust

Lessons From Fargo

Sham Wow Guy Arrested For Battering A Sex Trade Worker

Wearing the Mask

Soulless employment

Apache Girl's Sunrise Ceremony

Tammy Bruce Calls Michelle Obama "Trash"

Breast Feeding
A rather fucked up post on the apparent evils of breast feeding.
And a brilliant response: Why the Today Show Hurts America (or, Battling The Case Against Breastfeeding) which I found thanks to: The Feminist Breeder

Yes - Mr. Jacqui Smith has downloaded prostitutes and charged the taxpayer for the pleasure of doing so!

Breaking Poems
Feminist Review's look at Suheir Hammad's newest book of poetry.

sketches of whiteness overseas
you can say something funny or innocuous, witty or serious. but white folks because they feel ‘racialized’ (ie victimized) by your acknowledgement of their whiteness. act out of their ‘victimhood’ by claiming that you attacked them.

which is funny because white folks dont have a problem talking about other cultures and ethnicities. they do it all the time. but if a poc racializing a white person is seen as an ‘attack’ then what does that say about what white folks are doing to poc when white folks talk about race or culture?

and that lack of reciprocity in the relationship between whites and poc is the very definition of racism.

why auto industry and student loans are intertwined.

Energy Justice in Native America

Does Sexting Lead to Sex?

Memo to Jimi Izrael: Fronting as Straight Always Pays Off

half of people of color in new mexico without health insurance

White Privilege & Jewish Identity

British rule for Caribbean people

Ghetto Burger

Captain's Opinions
And you've just got to bite your toung with officers, you've just got to smile and shake your head, because you work for them, because no matter how ridiculous their ideas are, their plans are, well dear reader, you work for them, not the other way around. That's one of the big differences between the Army and the real world, one that a whole lot of folks never seem to get.

It doesn't matter what you think in the Army. It matters that you have a job. it matters how you do that job.

Sometimes that's great, sometimes you get to feel like that one very special light of freedom shining in a hard world, but friends, a lot of times it is just hard.